3 years of puzzle.

Today, things are going to change. We won’t actually see it, but we will certainly feel it.
Today, we aren’t allowed to be sad, we are required to keep that enthusiasm that we first came in with ( in our first day of college). We must be able to walk away with that same interest that we’ve had when we first got here. And not because of the things we have actually learned but for the people we’ve met, the hearts that we’ve touched, the promises that we’ve made and kept, because of those smiles and hugs and moments that we’ve shared.

So, let’s drink to that. To the ones that got into our lives for three years now and for the ones who will stay.
Let’s drink for the ones that stood there with a shoulder and a smile, no matter what.
Let’s drink for us, for the ones we’ve become and for the ones who don’t know where their life is going.

Cheers !



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