Why do people keep disappearing from our lives?

I feel like I am the most insignificant person from an audience. I feel like everybody came here to see my life performing on that big stage in front of us. It’s my life there, it is not me, because I don’t feel like I am being part of my life now. I watch my life passing by and I don’t do nothing to get it back.

That question bugs my inside. How come?!

And then, that ’’magic’’ happens. It’s like a constant hocus-pocus in our lives. Like rabbits in a hat. Now they are inside the hat, but we cannot see them, and the next moment they are out. And they leave.  It’s like somebody plays pranks and they keep laughing behind our backs. It is not funny, you know?

Where do people go when they leave our lives? 




  1. Lori Alexe October 11, 2013
  2. Adrian C June 8, 2014

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